Welcome to Harbor Lights Club Mobile Home Park. This is an Older Persons Park. All reasonable means have been taken to insure that your residency is safe, pleasant and enjoyable. This property is privately owned and we are required by law to abide by certain standards. Many of our rules are based on the requirements of Florida law, and the remainder are published to help assure the protection of your safety, your property and your privacy. Consideration and courtesy to others, plus your cooperation in maintaining an attractive home, will help sustain the high standard of this community.

The following rules are intended for the comfort, welfare, and safety of you and your visitors, and are to maintain the appearance and reputation of our Park. They may be amended from time to time to achieve this purpose. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. The management of this Park reserves the right to terminate the tenancy of any resident for violation of rules.

1. Any act which endangers the life, health, safety, property or peaceful enjoyment of the Mobile Home Park or its' occupants is a violation of the rules of the Mobile Home Park and is grounds for eviction.

2. Material failure to comply with the provision of the Mobile Home lease are also violations of these rules and are cumulative grounds for eviction.

3. The second violation of any other rule, within 12 months, is unequivocal grounds for eviction if the tenant has received written notice within 30 days of the first violation.

4. Written leases are offered to all tenants. Any tenant not choosing to execute a lease is subject to the same terms and conditions as tenants who have executed leases and all the terms and conditions of the Lease are specifically incorporated herein by reference as rules and regulations governing the tenancy.

5. Tenant shall not assign the lease, or any other interest therein, and shall not sublet the leased premises or any part thereof, or allow any person or persons to occupy or use the leased premises without the specific, written consent of the Landlord; any assignment or subletting without the Landlord's consent shall be void and shall constitute a default by Tenant under the lease.

6. The park owner is presently exploring the possibility of a change in the use of the land comprising Harbor Lights Club Mobile Home Park.

7. A purchaser of Tenant's mobile home must quality with the requirements for entry into the Park under the rules & regulations, and must be approved in writing by the Landlord.

8. These regulations my by amended from time to time. All tenants will receive written notice of amendments at least 90 days prior to the effective date of the amendment.

9. A guest of a tenant shall have access to and from the tenant's site without the tenant or guest being required to pay a fee or charge. A guest is a person whose stay does not exceed 15 consecutive days or 30 total days per year. Any tenant having a person stay longer than these periods shall incur a fee of $1.00 per day per guest.

10. The Tenant must conduct himself and require other persons on the premises with his consent, to govern themselves in a manner that does not unreasonable disturb his neighbors or constitute a breach of peace. The Tenant is responsible for the actions of persons on the premises with his consent.

11. Landlord shall have the right of access to the Tenant's mobile home only to prevent imminent danger to the occupant or the mobile home. Landlord shall have the right of entry onto the lot for purposes of repair and replacement of utilities and protection of the Mobile Home Park at all reasonable times.

12. The rights of the Landlord contained herein are cumulative and failure of the Landlord to exercise any right shall not operate to forfeit any other rights of the Landlord. No waiver by the Landlord of any rule or regulation shall be deemed to constitute or imply a former waiver of that or any other rule or regulation.

13. Rents are due and payable on the first day of each month in advance and will be considered delinquent if not paid by the 10th of the month.

14. The prevailing price per month for each space is for two (2) persons. An additional charge of $1.00 per day per person may be made for visitors spending more man 30 days per year. (See Paragraph 9 for definition of guest) Please register your guests with office soon after arrival in case of mail problems or emergency messages, swimming hours for guests-are posted at the pool as well as the pool rules. Please observe these rules and avoid embarrassments.

15. New Tenants and renters must register at the office upon arrival, and before occupying mobile home, will require approval of foe Landlord.

16. Tenant is responsible for the overall appearance of the homesite. The homesite must be kept clean, orderly, and free of litter and debris. The Owner provides Lawn Services to each homesite consisting of mulch mowing (32-34 times per year), blowing, spraying of gravel areas, and line or other trimming, as reasonably necessary. If Owner elects to provide Lawn Services through an independent contractor, the independent contractor shall be solely responsible for all actions or claims concerning or relating to the provision of Lawn Services. The Lawn Services charge may increase not more frequently than annually based upon Owner's actual cost for providing Lawn Services. The tenant remains responsible for maintenance and trimming of landscaping, trees, and shrubs and for fertilizing, weeding, and raking as needed. Sod damaged or destroyed by neglect, disease, insects, or for any other reason, must be repaired or replaced by Tenant.

17. Garbage and trash is picked up twice weekly. If you have more than one container of trash please use the dumpsters provided for that purpose. (No garbage to be placed in the dumpsters!)

18. DO NOT put sanitary napkins, paper towels, facial tissue, cigarette butts, grease or other foreign substances in the commode or other drains. USE TOILET TISSUE ONLY. Tenants are responsible for clogging sewer lines from the mobile home to the main sewer. Those responsible for sewer stoppage will be billed for repairs.

19. Tenants are responsible for maintenance of electric service from the meter box to and within, the mobile home. This includes all fuses, breakers and boxes, Location of TV antennae and fencing must be approved by the Landlord before installation. Generally, installation will be to the rear of the home, away from the street.

20. A coin operated laundry room is provided for your convenience. Please help to keep it clean at all times. No dying is permitted in the washers. Outside clothes hangings are not permitted on tots or patios or carports. This is a must!

21. No storage is permitted around or under the mobile homes. An approved utility building is permitted.

22. Before installing any air conditioner the location must be approved by the Landlord so that noise and heat from the unit will be confined to the least objectionable area.

23. Landlord reserves the right to prohibit parking of trucks, utility trailers, boats, motor homes, campers, etc. on Tenant's lot or anywhere within the park. The use of motor scooters, mopeds, motorized bikes or motorcycles within the park shall be only with the permission of the Landlord. Overnight parking will be in Tenant's driveway only, not on the streets or lawns. NO PARKING IN FIRELANES AT ANYTIME!

24. Pets are allowed in the "Pet Section" only. They must be on a leash when out of the house - never permitted to run loose within the Park boundaries and not walked in the "non-pet" area. It is the pet owner's responsibility to clean up their pet's “mistakes". Do not allow your pet to mess up the lawn of a neighbor.

25. Recreation facilities, such as the club room, kitchen, billiard room, shuffle courts, fishing pier and swimming pool are provided and reserved for the pleasure of park Tenants and their overnight guests. All of the facilities are used at your own risk.

26. Swimming pool rules are posted at the pool - violators will be barred from using the pool Tenants are responsible for the deportment of their guests at all times. Residents may use the pool at all times; no guest in pool area between 2:00 & 4:00 PM. Guests must be accompanied by resident or have resident's badge, and guest under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of 3 years not allowed in pool. Showers are required before entering the pool. Ladies, and others with long hair, must wear a cap. If lotion or oils are used a soap and water shower is required before entering the pool. No soap, detergents or swim boards are permitted in the pool.

27. Observe the speed limit posted! This is a must! Bicyclists ride to the side; if cycling in groups ride single file when approaching or being overtaken by other vehicles. Whether you are a motorist, cyclist or pedestrian, be ever mindful of one another, especially at intersections. All cyclists riding at night must have lights on. Do no create a hazard which might readily turn into a tragedy. DRIVE SLOWLY AND WITH CARE AT ALL TIMES!

28. No loud parties or other disturbances will be allowed at any time. Radios, TV, musical instruments, etc., must be at a volume low enough to not disturb your neighbors. Excess noises of any kind will not be permitted.

29. Landlord will not be liable for loss or damage to a mobile home, or to cars or other property owned by Tenant or guests, caused by fire, theft, accident or any other cause whatsoever, whether occupied by owner, rented or unoccupied.

30. Tenants will be held responsible for any damage caused by them or their guests to any property or recreational facility resulting from individual negligence or deliberate act. This includes damage to utility lines, above or below ground. If you wish to dig anywhere on Park grounds, first get permission of the Landlord and determine location of utility lines.

31. Cabanas, carports and screened porches are recommended; however, these must be approved by the Landlord before installation. Block skirting is required for all homes in the Park.

32. Florida State Law (and the Insurance Companies) requires all mobile homes to be properly anchored.

33. Do not feed stray animals and seagulls, birds, etc. - they will adopt you in the process.

34. If you sell or rent your mobile home, or allow use of it whereby it is not removed from the Park, the purchaser, renter or occupants must be approved by the Landlord, in writing, before the occupants may reside therein. Home owners renting their mobile home may rent only one time to one renter per calendar year. Mobile homes may be listed for sale with Landlord. Only one “For Sale" sign, with phone number, may be displayed in a home for sale by the owner. No Realtor signs or "Open House" signs are permitted. The Park shall require that any home determined by the Landlord to be a threat to life, health or safety be removed from the Park upon change of occupancy. The decision of the Landlord shall be binding. The enforcement of this rule will be at the discretion of Landlord and shall be on an individual basis.

35. Tenants must notify the Park office at least 30 days in advance when planning to move from the Park If Tenant removes mobile home the vacant lot will be considered forfeited and the Landlord reserves the right to take full possession thereof and re-rent same without obligation or responsibility to the outgoing Tenant.

36. Outside fresh water taps are not permitted. Well water is provided for outside use. Do not leave sprinklers and hoses unattended as excess water running down the street deprives a neighbor of his fan-share of water available.

37. Complaints or notices to the Landlord may be addressed to the Park office or to Harbor Lights Club, 9191 Bay Pines Blvd., St Petersburg, FL 33708. Office hours are 9:00-4:30 dairy, Monday through Friday.

38. FIFTY-FIVE AND OLDER COMMUNITY This Community is intended and operated for occupancy by persons 55 years of age and older and, as such, adheres to the requirements of the Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995. Consequently, at least 80 percent of the occupied units must be occupied by at least one person who is 55 years of age or older as of the date of occupancy. At the time of application for initial residency, or upon demand of Community Management, all prospective residents and all existing residents shall be required to produce for inspection and copying, one of the following age verification documents: driver's license; birth certificate; passport; immigration card; military identification; other valid local, state, national, or international documents containing a birth certification in a lease, rental agreement, application, affidavit or other document signed by any member of a household over the age of 18. asserting the age of the persons residing therein. The minimum age for all residents is 45. Notwithstanding the above, Community Management reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to grant exceptions to the minimum age requirements of the Rule, while still maintaining compliance with the Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995. On January 1st of each even numbered year, of each numbered year, all existing residents shall be required to provide the names and ages of all current persons residing in the home, in writing, to Community Management. Failure to provide the written resident documentation shall constitute a violation of these Rules and Regulations and the resident may be subject to eviction pursuant to Section 723.061, Florida Statutes.